Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780931201813 Published January 2002

Mastering Civic Engagement

A Challenge to Museums

American Association of Museums

Mastering Civic Engagement

American Association of Museums

Distributed for American Alliance of Museums Press

108 pages | 7 x 10 1/2 | © 2002
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780931201813 Published January 2002
This call to action from AAM's Museums and Community Initiative challenges museums to pursue their potential as active, visible players in community life. An opening essay urges museums to reinvigorate their civic role and purposes and offers guideposts for inquiry and transformation. Other essays and reflections - from museum professionals and community practitioners - offer food for thought on the complex process of changing the terms of engagement between communities and museums.

Foreword by Lou Casagrande

Preface by Frieda Nicholson and W. Richard West

Introduction by Robert R. Archibald

Exploring Museums & Community

Mastering Civic Engagement: A Report from the American Association of Museums by Ellen Hirzy

A Framework for Civic Engagement

The Civic Landscape by Christopher T. Gates

Coming to the Center of Community Life by Maria-Rosario Jackson

The Lens of Organizational Culture by Daniel Kertzner

How Community Foundations can Help Museums Fulfill their Civic Mission by Mariam Noland and Katie M. Goatley

Points of View: Reimagining Museums’ Civic Potential


Extending a Welcome by Charles K. Steiner

Community Roots by Ron Chew

A Visible Community Center by Rosann Guggino Garcia

Civic Engagement Starts with the Board by Ron L. Kagan

Looking for Reinvention by Don Checots

Forging a True Partnership by Dale Thompson

Building Bridges by Daniel E. Stetson

A Public Service Responsibility by Irene Hirano

Early Experiences by Njia Kai

Looking Outward by Kathleen Stiso Mullins



Museums & Community Task Force, Steering Committees, and Project Team


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