Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology

Teaching CD with PowerPoint Slides and Other Resources

Gary Lackmann

Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology
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Gary Lackmann

Distributed for American Meteorological Society

1 CD | © 2013
Multi $100.00 ISBN: 9781878220271 Published April 2013

The past decade has been characterized by remarkable advances in meteorological observation, computing techniques, and data-visualization technology. However, the benefit of these advances can only be fully realized with the introduction of a systematic, applied approach to meteorological education that allows well-established theoretical concepts to be applied to modernized observational and numerical datasets.
Designed for use with the companion textbook, Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology, this CD-rom takes just such an educational approach, reinforcing lessons on synoptic-dynamic meteorology, synoptically-driven mesoscale phenomena, numerical weather prediction, ensemble prediction, and more. The PowerPoint slides and additional resources on the CD will help form the basis of lectures and classroom work. The textbook, lecture slides, and lab manual were developed to be used in concert, with topics considered in an order that reinforces and builds upon new knowledge in meteorological observation and forecasting, week to week.

1. Introduction, Background, and Basics
2. Quasigeostrophic Theory
3. Isentropic Analysis
4. The Potential Vorticity Framework
5. Extratropical Cyclones
6. Fronts
7. Baroclinic Instability
8. Cold-Air Damming
9. Winter Storms
10. Numerical Weather Prediction
11. Weather Forecasting
12. Manual Analysis
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