Late Antiquity

Art in Context

Edited by Jens Fleischer, Niels Hannestad, John Lund and Marjatta Nielson

Edited by Jens Fleischer, Niels Hannestad, John Lund and Marjatta Nielson

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

285 pages | 9.5 x 6.5 | © 2001
Paper $48.00 ISBN: 9788772896397 Published January 2001 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
This volume of Acta Hyperborea includes chapters on mummy portraits and early icons, Late Antique Architecture, Constantine's use of spolia, the Iconography and Style of the Rothschild Cameo, Christian Lamps and Phocaean red slip ware.
Niels Hannestad                                    
Traditio legis Motiv: Bedeuting und Kontext
Mikael Bøgh Rasmussem                            
Style as Bearer of Meaning: The Transition from Late Antique Mummy Portraits to Early Icons
Jens Fleischer         
Meanings of Style: On the “Interiorization” of Late Antique Architecture   
Maria Fabricius Hansen
Constantine’s Use of spolia        
Birgitta Lindros Wohl          
Il battistero lateranense dell’Imperatore Costantino e l’architettura contemporanea: Come si crea un’architettura battesimale cristiana?            
Olof Brandt            
The Iconography and Style of the Rothschild Cameo
Siri Sande                     
On the Threshold to a New World – An Art Historical Discourse on Breaking away from Antiquity, circa AD 400-500           
Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen
Eine heidnische Münze des Julianus Apostata im Myntkabinett Oslo          
Katalin Biró-Sey
Mythological Subjects on Late Roman Lamps and the Persistence of Classical Tradition       
Arja Karivieri                                              
 ‘Christian Lamps’: Motifs in Context                      
 John Lund

The Stamped Decoration on Phocaean Red Slip Ware
Leif Erik Vaag          
The Cult of the Forty Martyrs on Forum Romanum         
Kirsti Gulowsen
Spazio reale e luogo simbolico: alcune soluzioni nell’arte funeraria etrusca
Francesco Roncalli
Book Reviews
Corinth and Coins: Review Article on the Economic Aspects of Donald Engels, Roman Corinth (1990)
Helmer Munch Andersen              
Maria Bonghi Jovino & Cristina Chiaramonte Treré (eds.): Tarquinia (1997)         
Helle Damgaard Andersen
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