Cloth $65.95 ISBN: 9789087280178 Published September 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Knowledge in Ferment

Dilemmas in Science, Scholarship and Society

Edited by Adriaan In 't Groen

Knowledge in Ferment
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Edited by Adriaan In 't Groen

Distributed for Leiden University Press

296 pages | 6-1/3 x 9-1/2
Cloth $65.95 ISBN: 9789087280178 Published September 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
Fundamental controversies, or basic oppositions between methods and approaches, occur in all fields of science and scholarship.  Often these dilemmas arise at the nexus of science and society, or when several sciences or disciplines clash.  Paradoxically, as much as one might prefer to do without them, these dilemmas are indispensable to the progress of scientific scholarship. 
Knowledge in Ferment collects the reflections of nineteen professors from Leiden University whose fields of expertise range from classics to quantum physics in order to evaluate the great controversies that dominate their fields and consistently form new paradigms that sustain the fermentation of knowledge and deliver remarkable new insights.
Introduction: Dilemmas in science: what, why, and how
James W. McAllister
1. Novel drug discovery – serendipity or design?
Meindert Danhof
2. The hunt for therapeutic leads
Herman Overkleeft
3. From genomics to therapies: deductive or inductive?
Gert-Jan van Ommen
4. Hempel’s dilemma and the physics of computation
Carlo Beenakker
5. Noise or signal. The dilemma of individual differences
Willem J. Heiser and Jacqueline J. Meulman
6. The struggle for the guiding principle in health care ethics and health law
Dick P. Engberts
7. Law v. psychiatry. The case of Bert Boxwell
Willem A. Wagenaar
8. ‘Hard cases’ in the law
Janneke Gerards
9. The compatibility of sharia with the rule of law. Fundamental conflict:
between civilizations? Within civilizations? Or between scholars?
Jan Michiel Otto
10. Should we ‘teach the controversy’? Intelligent Design, science and religion
Willem B. Drees
11. Cracks in the cradle? On the quest for the origins of humankind
Wil Roebroeks
12. Classical challenges: Black Athena, Thucydides in Iraq, Plato in the courtroom
Ineke Sluiter
13. The autonomy of syntax
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng
14. The dilemma of national history
Henk te Velde
15. Region or discipline? The debate about area studies
Erik-Jan Zürcher
16. Consilience: reductionism and holism. Science, scholarship and the creative and performing arts
Frans de Ruiter and Adriaan in ’t Groen 
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