Cloth $54.00 ISBN: 9783777457819 Published March 2013 For sale in North America and Japan only

Korean Lacquer Art

Aesthetic Perfection

Edited by Patricia Frick and Soon-Chim Jung

Korean Lacquer Art

Edited by Patricia Frick and Soon-Chim Jung

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

208 pages | 185 color plates | 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 | © 2012
Cloth $54.00 ISBN: 9783777457819 Published March 2013 For sale in North America and Japan only
A traditional art form with a history spanning several thousand years, Korean lacquer art is prized for its inimitable artistic and technical perfection. Drawing on a display at the Museum of Lacquer Art in Münster, this beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to outstanding—and often extremely rare—examples of lacquer art, which involves adorning objects with tree sap and intricately inlaying them with shell, gold leaf, or pearl. Among the objects photographed for this book are works from the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties, particularly valued periods in the history of lacquer art known for vivid pieces inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
Each object in Korean Lacquer Art is described in considerable detail and extensively illustrated. Together with essays by renowned experts on the techniques used to create them, they present a picture of the multifaceted development of Korean lacquer art from its beginnings through the early twentieth century.

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      Eva Müller
      Dr Monika Kopplin

The Art of Early Korean Lacquer—From the beginnings of the Unified Silla Kingdom
      Margarete Prüch and Kyuhee Wahlen
Refined Craftsmanship and Exquisite Beauty—The art of lacquerwork in the Goryeo dynasty
      Patricia Frick
Tradition and Development—Laquerwork with mother-of-pearl inlay in the Joseon period
      Jihyun Hwang
Turban Snails and Abalone Shells—The technique of mother-of-pearl inlay on the Korean peninsula
      Kōji Kobayashi
Peonies and Cranes—Symbolism in mother-of-pearl decoration of Korean lacquerware
      Soon-Chim Jung
Goryeo Dynasty
Joseon Dynasty
    Early Joseon Dynasty: 15th–16th centuries
    Middle Joseon Dynasty: 17th–18th centuries
    Late Joseon Dynasty: 19th–20th centuries

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Review Quotes
Journal of Asian Studies
“A long overdue and welcome addition to the study of Korean and East Asian art, as well as to the field of arts and crafts. With lavish photographs, thought-provoking essays, and thorough documentation, Korean Lacquer Art introduces the reader to lacquerware aesthetics, the latest research on decorative techniques, and a continuous lacquerware history from the third century BCE through the Choson Dynasty. . . . [It] is both visually and intellectually engaging, with the most up-to-date and complete information and extensive illustrations. . . . I heartily recommend this exquisite book to art historians and teachers, as well as the general public.”
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