Interactive Logic

Selected Papers from the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop, London

Edited by Johan van Benthem, Benedikt Löwe and Dov Gabbay

Edited by Johan van Benthem, Benedikt Löwe and Dov Gabbay

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

362 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2
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Traditionally, logic has dealt with notions of truth and reasoning. In the past several decades, however, research focus in logic has shifted to the vast field of interactive logic—the domain of logics for both communication and interaction. The main applications of this move are logical approaches to games and social software; the wealth of these applications was the focus of the seventh Augustus de Morgan Workshop in November 2005. This collection of papers from the workshop serves as the initial volume in the new series Texts in Logics and Games—touching on research in logic, mathematics, computer science, and game theory.
“A wonderful demonstration of contemporary topics in logic.”—Wiebe van der Hoek, University of Liverpool
A Compositional Game Semantics for Multi-Agent Logics of Partial Information
Samson Abramsky
Quantificational Modal Operators and Their Semantics
Stefano Borgo
A Note on Kuhn's Theorem
Adam Brandenburger
What Kind of Memory is Needed to Win Infintary Muller Games?
Erich Gradel, Lukasz Kaiser
Logics of Imperfect Information: Why Sets of Assignments?
Wilfrid Hodges
Reasoning about Communication Graphs
Eric Pacuit, Rohit Parikh
Epistemic Foundations for Backward Induction: An Overview
Andres Perea
Multitape Games
Brian Semmes
The Complexity of Scotland Yard
Merlijn Sevenster
Approaches to Independence Friendly Modal Logic
Tero Tulenheimo, Merlijn Sevenster
Team Logic
Jouko Vaananen
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