Island Between

Margaret Murie

Island Between
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Margaret Murie

Distributed for University of Alaska Press

233 pages | 6 x 9
Paper $21.95 ISBN: 9781602230354 Published November 2008
Island Between is a story from another time.  One day, a giant who had one foot in Siberia and one in Alaska threw a handful of rock and dirt into the water, and it remained there as an island between two great continents.  In this first-ever paperback edition, Margaret Murie weaves a tale of Eskimo life on Sevuokuk, known today as St. Lawrence Island.  Through the life of Toozak, a young man embarking on his first year as a hunter, the narrative traces the experience of the people of Sevuokuk through the yearly cycle that defined their lives.  The story is a lively tale of love, jealousy, struggles to overcome the difficulties of daily life, a retelling of ancient teaching stories and of first contact with strange, white-skinned people.
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