Islam and Liberty

The Historical Misunderstanding

Mohamed Charfi

Islam and Liberty

Mohamed Charfi

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224 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
Paper $40.95 ISBN: 9781842775110 Published May 2005 For sale in North and South America only
Hesitant modernity - Modernity not accepted - Making peace with modernity

1. Islamic Fundamentalism
Violence and Obscurantism - Conservatives and Reformers - Militant Conservatism - The Programme of the Fundamentalists - Muslims and Islamists

2. Islam and Law
Discrimination against Women - The Sharia against Freedom of Conscience - Non-Muslims - Apostasy a crime? - The political use of apostasy - Corporal Punishment - The Hodud - Comments - The Sharia and Human Rights - How Islam Came To Be Identified with a Legal System - The sunna - The Koran - The role of the ulema - A human creation - The crushing of the Mutazilites - The end of ijtihad - Talfik - Hermeneutics - The Eternal and the Specific - Freeing the Law

3. Islamd and the State
The Koran and the Caliphate - Sunna and Caliphate - The Koranic definition of the Prophet's mission - Achievement of the Prophet's mission - The Caliphate - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - The Handling of Religious Affairs -

4. Educatiion and Modernity
The Evolution of Education in Tunisia - The first reforms - Independence - The deviation - Islamism and Education in the Arab Countries - Towards a Reform of Education - Identity - Religion - Self-knowledge and knowledge of others - The scientific approach - Quantity and quality -

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