In Medias Res

Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Poetics of Being

Edited by Willem Schinkel and Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens

Edited by Willem Schinkel and Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

202 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2011
Paper $39.50 ISBN: 9789089643292 Published April 2012 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

In recent years, Peter Sloterdijk has become one of Germany’s most influential thinkers. His diverse body of work includes a Heideggerian project to think “space and time,” a Diogenes-inspired affirmation of the body, and a Deleuzian ontology of network-spheres. This highly accessible collection of essays brings together a team of internationally renowned scholars, including Sjoerd van Tuinen, Rudi Laermans, Peter Weibel, and Bruno Latour, to provide a series of critical reflections on Sloterdijk’s oeuvre. 

1. Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Acrobatics: An Exercise in Introduction
      Willem Schinkel and Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens
2. Foamy Business: On the Organizational Politics of Atmospheres
      Christian Borch
3. "Transgenous Philosophy": Post-humanism, Anthropotechnics and the Poetics of Natal Difference
      Sjoerd van Tuinen
4. Disinhibition, Subjectivity and Pride. Or: Guess Who Is Looking? Peter Sloterdijk's reconstruction of 'thymotic' qualities, psychoanalysis and the question of spectatorship
      Robert Pfaller
5. Sloterdijk and the Question of an Aesthetic
      Peter Weibel
6. Uneasy Places. Monotheism, Christianity, and the Dynamic of the Unlikely in Sloterdijk's Work—Context and Debate
      Laurens ten Kate
7. The Attention Regime: On Mass Media and the Information Society
      Rudi Laermans
8. In the Beginning was the Accident: The Crystal Palace as a Cultural Catastrophe and the Emergence of the Cosmic Misfit: A critical approach to Peter Sloterdijk's Weltinnenraum des Kapitals vs. Fydoro M. Dostoevsky's Notes from the underground
Yana Milev
9. A Cautious Prometheus? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design with Special Attention to Peter Sloterdijk
      Bruno Latour
10. Sloterdijk and the Question of Action
      Erik Bordeleau
11. The Space of Global Capitalism and its Imaginary Imperialism: An Interview with Peter Sloterdijk
      Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens and Willem Schinkel

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