Historical Atlas of South-West England

Edited by Roger Kain and William Ravenhill

Historical Atlas of South-West England
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Edited by Roger Kain and William Ravenhill

Distributed for University of Exeter Press

584 pages | 24 colour pages, 395 maps, 150 illustrations | 12-1/2 x 12-1/5
Cloth $175.00 ISBN: 9780859894340 Published January 2000 For sale in North and South America only
This is the first historical atlas of a major region of the United Kingdom. Its aim is to create and communicate the history of the South-Western peninsula of England-Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly - from the beginnings of man's occupation to the present day. The cartographic message projected by around 400 maps is extended by a substantial text of about 250,000 words as well as diagrams, contemporary prints and photographs.
This is one of the most substantial collaborative cartographic ventures undertaken in the United Kingdom. There are more than fifty contributors, about half of whom are drawn from within the University of Exeter, the remainder being researchers at other universities who specialize on topics relating to South-West England. The majority are geographers, archaeologists and historians, but there are also important contributions from political scientists, sociologists, educationalists and the region's museums, library and archive services.
The pre-medieval content is organized chronologically, but thereafter, the reconstruction of human occupation is structured thematically
Journal of Historical Geography

“Not to be missed by historians, geographers, and archaeologists who might wish to acquire an almost perfect example of the genre . . . Text, maps, and illustrations are at once authoritative, clear and unambiguous . . . A key text for future studies of the south-west.”—Journal of Historical Geography

English Historical Review
“A heavyweight in every sense . . .  The scope of its sixty-five chapters could hardly be wider: in time, from the palaeolithic to such late twentieth-century developments as the coming of out-of-town shopping centres; in subject matter, from Bronze Age metalwork to the early modern book trade and the surburban growth of post-war Exeter.  Its 400 maps chart almost everything chartable, from finds of worked flints to the distribution of second homes as a percentage of total housing stock.  So broad and diverse a range may seem to encourage superficiality, but in fact the maps and the extended commentaries which accompany them are generally first-rate pieces of historical research, often with implications beyond the south-west . . .  this is local history at its best, informed throughout by a strong sense of place but resting always on documentary evidence and on an awareness of larger patterns in a wider world.” –English Historical Review, Vol 115, June 2000
“This marvelous book.” –Mapline, 91 (2000)
Introduction Roger Kain
1 Environmental Setting Christopher Caseldine
2 Traditional building materials and their influence on vernacular styles Veronica Chesher
3 Palaeolithic: the earliest human occupation Allan Straw
4 Late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic hunting-gathering communities Alison Roberts
5 Neolithic settlement, land use and resources Frances Griffith and Henrietta Quinnell
6 Barrow and ceremonial sites in the Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Age Frances Griffith and Henrietta Quinnell
7 Settlement c.2500 BC to c.AD 600 Frances Griffith and Henrietta Quinnell
8 The Bronze Age metalwork of Devon and Cornwall Susan M. Pearce
9 Iron Age to Roman buildings, structures, and coin and other findspots Frances Griffith and Henrietta Quinnell
10 The Roman Army in the South West Valerie Maxfield
11 Classical Sources for the Ancient South West Malcolm Todd
12 Early Christian Dumnonia A.C. Thomas
13 Place names in Devon and Cornwall O.J. Padel
14 Saxon conquest and settlement Della Hooke
15 Population distribution from the Domesday Book of 1806 William Ravenhill
16 Population distribution and growth in early modern England Jonathan Barry
17 Population change in south-west England, 1811-1911 Andrew Alexander and Gareth Shaw
18 Population changes in the twentieth century Andrew Gilg
19 Castles, fortified houses and fortified towns, 1300-1500 Robert Higham
20 Representation and rebellion in the later middle ages Nicholas Orme
21 Civil wars of the seventeenth century Peter Gaunt
22 Coastal defences and garrisons, 1480-1914 Michael Duffy
23 Defence and disruption: World Wars I and II Mark Blacksell
24 Antecedents of the modern administrative map: local areas and local authorities, 1801-1998 Jeffrey Stanyer
25 Parlimentary boundaries and political affiliations, 1918-1997 Michael Rush
26 Ecclesiastical institutions in 1086 and monastic houses c.1300 Christopher Holdsworth
27 The Church in Devon and Cornwall from c.1300 to the Reformation Nicholas Orme
28 Religion and the spread of nonconformity before 1800 Jonathan Barry
29 Religious Worship in 1851 Bruce Coleman
30 Religion and ecclesiastical practices in the twentieth century Grace Davie and Derek Hearl
31 Printing, the book trade, and newspapers, c.1500-1860 Ian Maxted
32 Education in Cornwall in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries L. Burge and F.L. Harris
33 Education in Devon in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Roger Sellman
34 The retreat of the Cornish language Philip Payton
35 Agriculture and rural settlement in 1086 F.R. Thorn and C.M.J. Thorn
36 Medieval farming and rural settlement Harold Fox
37 Agriculture and rural settlement, 1500-1800 Michael Havinden and Robin Stanes
38 Farming in the nineteenth century Sarah Wilmot
39 Agriculture, forestry and landscape conservation in the twentieth century Andrew Gilg
40 Medieval rural industry Harold Fox
41 The tin industry in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Cornwall G.A.M. Gerrard
42 The woollen, lime, tanning and leather working, and paper making industries c.1500 to c.1800 Michael Havinden
43 Metal mining in Cornwall and Devon since the eighteenth century Roger Burt
44 Employment in Devon and Cornwall in the twentieth century Andrew Gilg
44 Turnpike roads in Devon and Cornwall John Kanefsky
45 Canals and railways in the South West in the nineteenth century Richard Oliver
46 Railways and roads in the twentieth century Malyn Newitt
48 Fisheries, exploration, shipping and mariners in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Todd Gray
49 Maritime Devon, 1660-1815 Stephen Fisher
50 Seaborne trade, fishing and marine recreation since 1800 David Starkey
51-55 TOWNS
51 Medieval urban development Harold Fox
52 Medieval town plans T.R. Slater
53 Towns and processes of urbanisation in the early modern period Jonathan Barry
54 Post-medieval morphological development of towns Mark Brayshay
55 Town and country planning in the twentieth century Andrew Gilg
56 Early tourist destinations: artists' changing landscape preferences Peter Howard
57 The growth of tourism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Gareth Shaw, Justin Greenwood and Allan Williams
58 Retail trading, 1850-1939 Andrew Alexander and Gareth Shaw
59 Commerce and marketing, 1800-1914: co-operative retailing Martin Purvis
60 Retail development in the late twentieth century Gareth Shaw and Andrew Alexander
61 The city of Exeter from AD50 to the early nineteenth century C.G. Henderson
62 Exeter Cathedral Nicholas Orme and C.G. Henderson
63 Map evidence of the growth of Exeter during the nineteenth century Richard Oliver
64 Exeter in the twentieth century Andrew Gilg
65 Plymouth Mark Brayshay, Cynthia Gaskell Brown and James Barber
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