The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position

Concepts and measures

Mary Shaw, Bruna Galobardes, Debbie A. Lawlor, John Lynch, Ben Wheeler, and George Davey Smith

The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position
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Mary Shaw, Bruna Galobardes, Debbie A. Lawlor, John Lynch, Ben Wheeler, and George Davey Smith

Distributed for Policy Press at the University of Bristol

248 pages | © 2007
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9781861347664 Published June 2007 For sale in North and South America only
This Handbook is the definitive resource for anyone wishing to quickly look up and understand key concepts and measurements relating to socioeconomic position and inequalities. A range of key concepts is defined and measures of socioeconomic position and inequality described. Alphabetical listings, cross-referencing, graphs and worked examples, references to web and other sources of further information, all contribute to making the Handbook both engaging and accessible for a wide audience.For students, academics and others involved in social science research it answers questions such as 'What's the official government measure of poverty?', 'What factors make up the Townsend Index of Deprivation?', 'What is a gini coefficient?' and 'I have to write a report on tackling inequalities in my area - what are the key issues I should consider before I begin?'. For practitioners, policy makers, journalists and others who must read, understand and use research in fields as diverse as health, criminology, education, the environment, transport and housing it provides a one-stop, authoritative guide to making sense of and evaluating the significance of often complex methodologies.
Part one: Key concepts: Deprivation
Health equity audits/profiles
Lay epidemiology
Life course socioeconomic position
Living standards
Official/vital statistics
Psychosocial factors
Social capital
Social class
Social exclusion
Social mobility
Social status
Social stratification
Status inconsistency
Part two: Measures of socioeconomic position: Amenities
Benefit claimants
Breadline Britain and the Millennium Survey of Poverty and Social Exclusion
Cambridge Scale
Car access and ownership
Carstairs deprivation index
Child poverty: the official government measure
Deprivation indices
Erikson and Goldthorpe class schema
Fuel poverty
Housing conditions
Housing status (including homelessness)
Housing tenure
Housing wealth
Index of local conditions
Index of local deprivation (1998)
Indices of deprivation (2000)
Indices of deprivation (2004)
Jarman UPA index
Job (in)security
National Statistics Socioeconomic Classification (NS-SEC)
Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure
Occupation-based measures
Occupational Social Class - RGSC
Poverty: the official government measure
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2004
Townsend Index of deprivation
Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation
Part three: Measures of inequality: Absolute differences
Dissimilarity Index
Gini coefficient
Households below average income
Index of disparity
Measures of average disproportionality
Relative concentration index
Relative index of inequality
Slope index of inequality
Standardised outcomes
Theil Index and Mean Log Deviation
Part four: Theoretical and methodological issues: Age-period cohort effects
Atomistic fallacy
Bar charts
Box and Whisker graphs
Choropleth map
Correlation coefficients
Ecological fallacy
Funnel plots
Line graphs
Proportional Mortality Ratio
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