Paper $57.95 ISBN: 9789087280147 Published September 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Guts and Brains

An Integrative Approach to the Hominin Record

Edited by Wil Roebroek

Guts and Brains
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Edited by Wil Roebroek

Distributed for Leiden University Press

280 pages | 6-1/3 x 9-1/2
Paper $57.95 ISBN: 9789087280147 Published September 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
The human brain and its one hundred billion neurons compose the most complex organ in the body and harness more than 20% of all the energy we produce.  Why do we have such large and energy-demanding brains, and how have we been able to afford such an expensive organ for thousands of years? 
Guts and Brains discusses the key variables at stake in such a question, including the relationship between brain size and diet, diet and social organization, and large brains and the human sexual division of labor.  Showcasing how small changes in the diet of early hominins came to have large implications for the behavior of modern humans, this interdisciplinary volume provides an entry for the reader into understanding the development of both early primates and our own species.
Guts and Brains: an integrative approach to the hominin record
Wil Roebroeks
Notes on the Implications of the Expensive Tissue Hypothesis for Human Biological and Social Evolution
Leslie C. Aiello
Energetics and the Evolution of Brain Size in Early Homo
William R. Leonard, Marcia L. Robertson, and J. Josh Snodgrass  
The Evolution of Diet, Brain and Life History among Primates and Humans
Hillard S. Kaplan, Steven W. Gangestad, Michael Gurven, Jane Lancaster,
Tanya Mueller, and Arthur Robson
Why Hominins Had Big Brains
R.I.M. Dunbar
Ecological Hypotheses for Human Brain Evolution: Evidence for Skill and Learning Processes in the Ethnographic Literature on Hunting
Kathy MacDonald
Haak en Steek - The Tool That Allowed Hominins to Colonize the African Savanna and to Flourish There
R. Dale Guthrie
Women of the Middle Latitudes. The Earliest Peopling of Europe from a Female Perspective
Margherita Mussi
The Diet of Early Hominins: some things we need to know before “reading” the menu from the archaeological record
Lewis R. Binford
Diet Shift at the Middle/Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Europe? The Stable Isotope Evidence
M.P. Richards 
The Evolution of the Human Niche: Integrating models with the fossil record
Najma Anwar, Kathy MacDonald, Wil Roebroeks, and Alexander Verpoorte
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