Generative Approaches to Finnic and Saami Linguistics

Edited by Diane Nelson and Satu Manninen

Generative Approaches to Finnic and Saami Linguistics
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Edited by Diane Nelson and Satu Manninen

Distributed for Center for the Study of Language and Information

440 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2003
Cloth $80.00 ISBN: 9781575864112 Published March 2003
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9781575864129 Published March 2003
With unusual structural characteristics, Finnish and Saami offer interesting challenges to linguistic theories formulated around more popular languages. Grammatically, for instance, languages in the Finnic and Saami group utilize extensive systems of case inflection on nouns to signal a broad variety of relations that in almost all other languages require additional words. Phonologically, as another example, the phenomenon of "consonant gradation" is of particular interest to linguists.

This volume is the first to examine the phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of Finnic and Saami languages within current generative linguistic frameworks. Collected here is research on these less-studies languages, some of which now face extinction.
1. Introduction
Satu Manninen and Diane Nelson
I. Phonology
2. Estonian Quantity: Implications for Moraic Theory
Martin Ehala
3. Opaque Consonant Gradation in Finnish - A Recourse to IO-OO Correspondence
Heli Harrikari
4. Finnish Noun Inflection
Paul Kiparsky
II. Syntax (Case)
5. A Licensing Theory for Finnish
Ash Asudeh
6. Resultatives and Depictives in Finnish
Vivienne Fong
7. Postverbal Case Realization in Finnish
Anne Vainikka
III. Syntax (Other Topics)
8. Encoding (Non)Locality in Anaphoric Relations
Elsi Kaiser
9. Finnish PPs and the Phase Impenetrability Condition
Satu Manninen
10. Counting and the Grammar: Case and Numerals in Inari Saami
Diane Nelson and Ida Toivonen
11. Constraints on the Morphological Causatives in the Tome Dialect of North Sami
Mikael Svonni and Mikael Vinka
IV. Language Change
12. The Emergence of a Definite Article in Estonian
Katrin Hiietam and Kersti Borjars
13. On the Negated Past in Finnic and Saami
Marit Julien
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Subject Index
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