A Future for the Excluded

Job Creation and Income Generation by the Poor: Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Organization Workshop

Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado

A Future for the Excluded

Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado

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256 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
Paper $48.95 ISBN: 9781856497039 Published May 2000 For sale in North and South America only
Preface - Raff Carmen & Miguel Sobrado

Part 1: Context and History
1. Setting the Scene: ‘Those who don‘t eat and those who don‘t sleep‘ - Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado
2. Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Origins of his Largescale Capacitation Theory and Method - Miguel Sobrado

Part 2: Theoretical Perspectives
3. The Largescale Capacitation Method and Social Participation: Theoretical Perspectives - Clodomir Santos de Morais
4. From Paulo Freire to Clodomir Santos de Morais: From Critical to Organizational Consciousness - Jacinta Castello Branco Correia

Part 3: The Organization Workshop in Practice
5. From Navvies to Entrepreneurs: The Organization Workshop in Costa Rica - Miguel Sobrado
6. Sacked Agricultural Workers Take on the Multinationals in Honduras - Benjamin Erazo
7. The Mexican Experience with Organization Workshops - Juan Jose Rojas Herrera
8. The Organization Workshop in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru - Miguel Sobrado
9. Three Decades of Work with OWs in Latin America: An Institutional Perspective - Leopoldo Sandoval
10. ‘Doing Enterprises‘ in war-time and post-war Mozambique - Isabel and Ivan de Labra
11. In Angola, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe - Paulo Roberto da Silva
12. Hard Learning in Zimbabwe and in post civil-war Mozambique - Isabel and Ivan Labra
13. Organization Development (OD) and Morais‘s Organization Workshop (OW) - South Africa and Botswana - Gavin Andersson
14. The Potential of the the OW in former Soviet Bloc Countries and Economies in Crisis - Miguel Sobrado
15. In Post-Salazar Portugal - Isabel and Ivan Labra
16. The Crisis of Work in Post-Industrial Western Countries - Raff Carmen

Part 4: From Local OWs to National Employment Generation Systems
17. The Brazilian PROGEI-SIPGEIs - Jacinta C. B. Correia
18. ‘More than a Job: A Future‘: The PAE Self-Employment Programme in Brazil - Walter Barelli
19. The OW and Civil Society Organizations in Brazil - Jacinta C. B. Correia
20. OW‘s Potential: Concluding Observations - Miguel Sobrado
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