Eskimo Storyteller

Folktales from Noatak, Alaska New Edition

Edwin Hall

Eskimo Storyteller
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Edwin Hall

Distributed for University of Alaska Press

491 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1975
Paper $26.95 ISBN: 9781889963020 Published August 1999
Now a classic in northern literature, The Eskimo Storyteller brings to life the words of Eskimo elders for a new generation of readers. This collection of folktales from northwest Alaska includes stories populated by amazing creatures, hard-bitten hunters, and strong-minded women. Two master storytellers, Edna Hunnicutt and Paul Monroe, introduce readers to the guiding principles of daily life in the Arctic and chronicle the devastating results when those principles are violated. Elegant line drawings by Claire Fejes illustrate the characters and key events.
I. The Setting
          The Land
          The People
          The Eskimos of Northwest Alaska
          The Naupaktomiut and Their Neighbors
               An Ethnographic Reconstruction
               The Historic Noatak People
               The Modern People
II. The Noatak Storyteller
          The Storytellers
          The Telling of Stories
               In the Past
               In the Present
          Organization of Data
III. Edna Hunnicutt
IV. Paul Monroe
V. Analysis
          Collection of Folktales
          Telling Stories
               Where and When
               Vocal and Visual Mannerisms
               Exact and Complete Recitation
               Distribution of the Noatak Tales
               Distribution within Northern Alaska
               Types and Motifs
               Distribution through Time
          Literary Conventions
          Story Content
               Individual, Family, and Society
               Crime and Punishment
               The Natural and Supernatural World
               Story Endings
          Folktales and Noatak Eskimo Culture
VI. Epilogue
Index of Motifs
General Index
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