The Economic Consequences of the Dutch

Economic Integration around the North-Sea, 1500-1800

Christiaan van Bochove

The Economic Consequences of the Dutch
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Christiaan van Bochove

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314 pages | 7 x 9 2/3 | © 2008
Cloth $65.95 ISBN: 9789052602912 Published February 2008 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
Between 1550 and 1800 the Northern Netherlands went through a period of intense economic development. This did not leave the surrounding regions untouched. International trade blossomed, tens of thousands of foreign workers found employment in the Netherlands and many millions of guilders were channelled abroad to finance foreign commercial undertakings and government policies. This book offers the first systematic analysis of the international impact of Dutch economic development and investigates the economic consequences of Dutch dominance in the areas bordering the North Sea. By using a wide variety of sources and literature Christiaan van Bochove describes the international flows of goods, people and money, focussing attention on the effects on the prices of everyday goods, the wages of labourers and interest rates. This book shows how, by the end of the eighteenth century, the development of the Dutch economy had turned the North Sea region into an integrated spatial economy that operated at the frontier of what was technologically and institutionally possible.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The integration of goods markets in northern Europe
Chapter 3: Labour markets and wage convergence
Chapter 4: The integration of Denmark-Norway in the Dutch capital market
Chapter 5: Dutch foreign investment in a broader perspective
Chapter 6: Relative prices, markets and consumers
Chapter 7: Relative prices, markets and producers
Chapter 8: Conclusion

Appendix I: Grain prices and data properties
Appendix II: Nominal wages, metallic content and grain prices
Appendix III: Constructing welfare ratios for Copenhagen and Stockholm
Appendix IV: List of Dutch loans provided to the Danish Kings
Appendix V: List of Dutch loans provided to semi-private companies
Appendix VI: List of Dutch plantation loans
Appendix VII: Estimating Dutch investment in England, 1694–1791
Appendix VIII: Dutch and English imports of balks and sawn pieces from the Baltic, 1600–1795
Appendix IX: The price of a Dutch sawmill
Summary in Dutch
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