Paper $76.50 ISBN: 9789089640413 Published August 2010 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

The Drawing of the Mark of Cain

A Social-Historical Analysis of the Growth of Anti-Jewish Stereotypes

Dik Van Arkel

The Drawing of the Mark of Cain
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Dik Van Arkel

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

592 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2 | © 2009
Paper $76.50 ISBN: 9789089640413 Published August 2010 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Anti-Semitism is an exceptional historical phenomenon whose history extends at least two millennia into the past, as its discriminatory vitriol affecting many countries and a wide range of societies. Yet despite that history, the conditions of anti-Semitism are not universal. Many countries have no tradition of anti-Semitic thought, and even in those nations where anti-Semitism periodically rears its head, there have been long periods when it was nearly dormant. This definitive study tackles the complex roots and manifestations of anti-Semitism over the centuries, tracing the rise of anti-Jewish stereotypes and the circumstances in which racial prejudice has led to tragic consequences. As the large-scale social changes of the past two millennia have given extra impetus to the reappearance of cultural bias, this is a timely and important contribution to social historical scholarship.

Hans Blom, emeritus professor of history at the University of Amsterdam and former director of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation

“This is a fascinating book. It is the result of many years of thorough, wonderfully rich and innovative investigation into a very complex subject. Van Arkel’s methodologically and conceptually stringent—and at the same time factually solid—research has yielded this lucid and fundamental inquiry into the history of anti-Semitism that no student of the subject should ignore.”


Preface by H. Floris Cohen, Leo A.C.J. Lucassen, Robert J. Ross
Introduction by Chris Quispel

1. The Historiographical Background

2. Abortive Anti-Semitism?

3. The Origins

4. Stigmatization, Nascent Hostility, and Social Distance

5. Jewish-Gentile Relations in Eastern Christendom and the Permissiveness-cum-Terrorization

6. A Dead Reckoning: The Growth of an Anti Jewish Stereotype in Western Europe

7. Refutations and Predictions

8. A Prognosis Checked: A Survey of Medieval Jewish-Gentile Relations in England

9. A Survey of Jewish-Gentile Relations in Italy

10. Early Medieval France and Germany up to 1096

11. The Crusades

12. Accusatory Innovation

13. Usuary and Labour Ethics

14. The Problem of Popularization

A Historiographical Epilogue by Chris Quispel


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