Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9789069844329 Published June 2006 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe

De Huysbou

A Reconstruction of an Unfinished Treatise on Architecture, Town Planning and Civil Engineering by Simon Stevin

Charles van den Heuvel

De Huysbou
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Charles van den Heuvel

Distributed for Edita-the Publishing House of the Royal

544 pages | 60 halftones | 6-3/4 x 9-3/4 | © 2006
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9789069844329 Published June 2006 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe
One of the greatest mathematicians and engineers of his day, Simon Stevin (1548-1620) is probably best known for popularizing decimal fractions. But few people know about his interest in architecture, as documented in De Huysbou, a project that occupied the last twenty years of Stevin's life. This new translation includes passages from Stevin's text, an extensive bibliography, and an in-depth analysis of Stevin's theories of urban planning within a larger European context. It will be a valuable resource for historians of Stevin's work, as well as those interested in Dutch and European architecture and urban planning.
1.  Stevin and the origins of his Huysbou
2.  Stevin's ideas about symmetry and order
3.  Building methods and patents
4.  Water:  ally and adversary
5.  Stevin and the representation of architecture
6.  Stevin's contribution to the theory of architecture
7.  New writings on architecture
8.  The history of Huysbou
9.  The first Huysbou reconstructions
10.  The reconstruction of Huysbou
11.  Contents of Stevin's Huysbou
I.  On the like-sidedness of buildings
II.  On underground structures
III.  On facades
IV.  On stairs
V.  On ceilings and vaults
VI.  On roofs
VII.  On the layout of the parts of a house, such as rooms, courtyards, galleries, gardens, blocks and finally parts of a room
VIII.  On the layout of towns
-Various Notes/Various notes about masonry, carpentry, forging, and smoke
-Notes on Serlio and others/Concerning some discourses
Appendices:  Texts, notes and lists of contents
Fragments of text intended for Huysbou
A.  Isaac Beeckman:  De Huysbouw van Stevin gecompendieert in 9 blaren
B.  Hendrick Stevin:  Eenighe stucken der Crychconst Beschreven deur Simon Stevin
C.  Constantijn Huygens:  manuscripts (adversaria)
Fragments of text on architecture not written for Huysbou
D.  Statements by Stevin about architecture not meant for Huysbou
Notes relevant to the reconstruction of Huysbou
E.  Notes on the unfinished Huysbou
Lists of contents
F.  beeckman's list of manuscripts by Simon Stevin
G.  Isaac Beekman:  Hoofdstucken ende deelen des Husybouws
H.  Hendrick Stevin:  contents of manuscropt 'Vande oirdening der Steden'
I.  Hendrick Stevin:  'I Onderscheyt vande oirdeningh der Steden' and 'Byvough Der Stedenoirdeningh, vande Oirdeningh der Deelen eens Huys met 't gheene daer ancleeft'
J.  Hendrick Stevin:  Tytels en cortbegrypen, vanden Huysbou
K.  Ed Taverne:  Architecturae domesticae stevini synopsis
Glossary of architectural terms
Photographic credits
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