Celebration, Entertainment and Theater in the Ottoman World

Edited by Suraiya Faroqhi and Arzu Öztürkmen

Celebration, Entertainment and Theater in the Ottoman World
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Edited by Suraiya Faroqhi and Arzu Öztürkmen

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344 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9780857420442 Published June 2014 World sales rights except India
Celebration, Entertainment and Theatre in the Ottoman World gathers twenty-four original essays exploring a broad range of historical performances in the Ottoman Empire. Offering a reappraisal of research on Ottoman festivities, celebrations and entertainment, the volume also examines the European-style theater that flourished in Istanbul during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire.
Contributors address issues such as the use of Istanbul’s public space in celebrations, the possibilities for “having fun” in a small Aegean town, and the role of the Ottoman Sultans in promoting both art forms and public amusement. Other essays focus on the connections between puppet theater and early Ottoman comedies, the performance of Ottoman and foreign-style music in Istanbul and the everlasting problems of the sultans’ censors.
By exploring festivals, ceremonies, and entertainments in their historical context, these essays provide a new approach to historical performances in the age of the Ottoman Empire.
“This work is of great value to the fields of performance, gender, and Ottoman studies. Highly recommended.”
Chronology of Events
Performance in the Ottoman World: An Introduction
Introduction 1: Performance in the Ottoman World: Thoughts on Folklore and History
Arzu Öztürkmen
Introduction 2: Research on Ottoman Festivities and Performances
Suraiya Faroqhi
Part I: Celebration and Entertainment
1. Evaluating Three Imperial Festivals: 1524, 1530 and 1539
Zeynep Yelçe
2. From the Modena Archives: A Report on the 1582 Circumcision Festivities at the Ottoman Court
Nevin and Raniero Özkan-Speelman
3. Entertaining the Sultan: Meclis, Festive Gatherings in the Ottoman Palace
Zeynep Tarim Ertug
4. What about a Bit of Fun?: Wine, Crime and Entertainment in the Sixteenth-Century Western Anatolia
Fikret Yilmaz
5. Asserting Military Power in a World Turned Upside Down: The Istanbul Festivals of 1582 and 1638
Fariba Zarinebaf
6. Festivals and Their Documentation: Surnames Covering the Festivities of 1675 and 1724
Efdal Sevinçli
7. When the Sultan Planned a Great Feast, Was Everyone in a Festive Mood? Or, Who Worked on the Preparation of Sultanic Festivals and Who Paid for Them?
Suraiya Faroqhi
8. Amusements in the Ottoman Palace of the Early Nineteenth Century: Revelations from a Newly Analyzed Ruzname
Mehmet Ali Beyhan
9. Marking Urban Identity, Dividing Up Urban Time: Festivities among the Greeks of Istanbul in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Méropi Anastassiadou
10. A Modern Performance in Late Ottoman Times: Birthday Celebrations as Imperial Image-Making
Fatmagül Demirel
Part II: Ottoman Theatre and Theatricality
11: Language and Sexuality in Ottoman Shadow-Puppet Performances
Daryo Mizrahi
12. Folktales Adapted to Karagöz Shadow Plays
Köksal Seyhan
13. Men Acting as Women: The Zenne in Nineteenth-Century Popular Theatre
Çigdem Kiliç
14. The Ottoman Stage: Politicization and Commercialization of Theatres, 1876-1922
Nalan Turna
15. Musicals in Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Theatre: The Story of Leblebici Horhor Aga
Nur Gürani Arslan
16. Musicological Debates between Greeks and Turks in the Late Ottoman Empire: Dialogue and the Creation of the ‘Other’
Merih Erol
17. Multiple Ramifications: Azniv Hrachia’s Autobiography as a Source for the History of the Theatre and the World Beyond
Hasmik Khalapyan
18. Afife Jale on the Stage: Questioning Female Identity in Theatre; Late Ottoman and Early Republican Modernization Processes
Fahriye Dinçer
Part III: European Encounters
19. Summa Turcica: The Image of the Turk in Eighteenth-Century Viennese Opera
Lale Babaoglu Balkis
20. Performance as Politics of Westernization in the Late Ottoman World
Melis Sülos
21. A German Institution in the Late Ottoman Empire: Music, Theatre and Festivities at the Teutonia Club
Seren Akyoldas
22. The Ottoman Theatre in the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago
Cafer Sarikaya
Glossary of Turkish Terms
Notes on Contributors
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