The Beauty of the Moment

Women in Japanese Woodblock Prints

Edited by Katharina Epprecht

The Beauty of the Moment
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Edited by Katharina Epprecht

Distributed for Scheidegger and Spiess

With Essays by Shawn Eichman, Andreas Marks, and John Szostak
182 pages | 140 color plates | 9 x 12 | © 2012
Paper $49.00 ISBN: 9783858813572 Published October 2012 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe
            At the beginning of the nineteenth century during the golden age of Japanese colored woodblock printing, an ordinary print filled the same purpose as commercial graphic art does today. Partially because of European art lovers’ growing enthusiasm for these subtle, refined compositions, many artists who specialized in these prints and their work gained recognition and fame that spanned multiple continents. The worldwide fascination with ukiyo-e, or “images of the floating world” continues through to the present day, and its formal restraint and graphic elegance never fail to inspire desires and artists.
            Key to this artistic genre is the ability to capture strikingly beautiful and ephemeral moments, and bijin-ga, or “images of beautiful women” are a specific subcategory of this medium, paying tribute to women by depicting a moment of irretrievable magic. The Beauty of the Moment presents over one hundred images of women by the best known masters of Japanese woodblock printing, showing the graceful, self-assured beauty of women in public to intimate portraits of domesticity. Particularly exquisite are several images using kirazuri, a technique employing powdered brass or mica dust on a light film of glue to imitate gold dust on the surface of each print. Many of the works in this volume are part of the famous collection of novelist James A. Michener, and are held today by the Honolulu Museum of Art.
            A stunning and generously illustrated volume, The Beauty of the Moment is published in conjunction with an exhibit at the Museum Rietberg in Zürich, and contains essays by some of the foremost scholars of Japanese art, including Shawn Eichman, Katharina Epprecht, Andrew Marks, and John Szostak.

      Katharina Epprecht

Japanese Woodblock Prints at the Honolulu Museum of Art
      Shawn Eichman
      Katharina Epprecht
The Development of Bijinga until the Mid-Nineteenth Century
      Andreas Marks
From Idealized Visions to Realistic Impressions: The Changing Nature of Bijinga
      John D. Szostak
Catalogue Entries
      Shawn Eichman and Carol Morland
public conVENience by Tabaimo
      Marie Kakinuma
Japanese Bathhouse—Gents by Tabaimo
      Marie Kakinuma
Artists’ Biographies
      Jeanne Egloff

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