Paper $43.95 ISBN: 9789053565162 Published June 2008 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Anatomy Live

Performance and the Operating Theatre

Edited by Maaike Bleeker

Anatomy Live
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Edited by Maaike Bleeker

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

272 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2
Paper $43.95 ISBN: 9789053565162 Published June 2008 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
Gross anatomy, the study of anatomical structures that can be seen by unassisted vision, has long been a subject of fascination for artists. For most modern viewers, however, the anatomy lesson—the technically precise province of clinical surgeons and medical faculties—hardly seems the proper breeding ground for the hybrid workings of art and theory. We forget that, in its early stages, anatomy pursued the highly theatrical spirit of Renaissance science, as painters such as Rembrandt and Da Vinci and medical instructors like Fabricius of Aquapendente shared audiences devoted to the workings of the human body. Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre, a remarkable consideration of new developments on the stage, as well as in contemporary writings of theorists such as Donna Haraway and Brian Massumi, turns our modern notions of the dissecting table on its head—using anatomical theatre as a means of obtaining a fresh perspective on representations of the body, conceptions of subjectivity, and own knowledge about science and the stage. Critically dissecting well-known exhibitions like Body Worlds and The Visible Human Project and featuring contributions from a number of diverse scholars on such subjects as the construction of spectatorship and the implications of anatomical history, Anatomy Live is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in this engaging intersection of science and artistic practice.
Prologue - Men with Glass Bodies
Francis Barker
Maaike Bleeker
Performance Documentation 1
Holoman; Digital Cadaver (Mike Tyler)
Digital Cadavers and Virtual Dissection
José van Dijck
'Who Were You?': The Visible and the Visceral
Ian Maxwell
Performance Documentation 2
Excavations: Fresh but Rotten (Marijs Boulogne)
The Anatomy Lesson of Professor Moxham
Karen Ingham
'Be not faithless but believing': Illusion and Doubt in the Anatomy Theatre
Gianna Bouchard
Performance Documentation 3
De Anatomische Les (Glen Tetley)
Of Dissection and Technologies of Culture in Actor Training Programs - an Example from 1960s West Germany
Anja Klöck
Ocular Anatomy, Chiasm, and Theatre Architecture as a Material Phenomenology in Early Modern Europe
Pannill Camp
Performance Documentation 4
Camillo - Memo 4.0: The Cabinet of Memories - A Tear Donnor Session (Emil Hrvatin)
Martin, Massumi, and The Matrix
Maaike Bleeker
Performance Documentation 5
sensing presence no 1; performing a hyperlink system
(Copraij, Jenniches, Kunzmann)
'Where Are You Now?': Locating the Body in Contemporary Performance
Susan Leigh Foster
Performance Documentation 6
Under My Skin (Ivana Müller)
Anatomies of Live Art
Sally Jane Norman
Performance Documentation 7
Crash (Eric Joris/CREW)
Restaging the Monstrous
Bojana Kunst
Delirium of the Flesh: 'All the Dead Voices' in the Space of the Now
Michal Kobialka
Performance Documentation 8
Körper (Sasha Waltz)
Operating Theatres: Body-bits and a Post-apartheid Aesthetics
Rachel Fensham
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