Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9781589661301 Published September 2007

At Work

Spirituality Matters

Jerry Biberman and Michael D. Whitty

Jerry Biberman and Michael D. Whitty

Distributed for University of Scranton Press

292 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2007
Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9781589661301 Published September 2007
Making spirituality an integral part of the hectic workday is a key concern for the authors of At Work. They offer a number of solutions meant to help integrate these two worlds, all with a common theme—the positive renewal and transformation of both worker and workplace. Carefully avoiding the pat answers of pop psychology, At Work is instead an in-depth read for teachers, consultants, and people interested in making their work environment a more healthful and compassionate one.
Another View
Theoretical Perspectives
       Tom Brown
1     Diapers to Car Keys: The State of Spirituality, Religion and Work Research
       Charles J. Fornaciari and Kathy Lund Dean
2     Integrating Spirituality at Work: An Interview with Ken Wilber
       Thierry C. Pauchant
3     Towards a Spiritually Integral Theory of Management
       David S. Steingard and Dale E. Fitzgibbons
4     The Growing Interest in Spirituality in Business: A Long-Term Socio-Economic Explanation
       Len Tischler
5     Spirituality at Work: An Overview
       Dan Butts
6     Festivalism at Work: Toward Ahimsa in Production and Consumption
       David M. Boje
The Individual Within Organizations
       Tom Brown
7     Religion in the Workplace: Correlates and Consequences of Individual Behavior
       Nancy E. Day
8     Spirituality For Managers: Context and Critique
       Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J.
9     What Does Spirituality Mean to Me?
       Abbass F. Alkhafaji
10   Christian Spirituality and Contemporary Business Leadership
       André L. Delbecq
11   Managing with Ahimsa and Horse Sense: A Convergence of Body, Mind, and Spirit
       Grace Ann Rosile
Organizational and Societal Issues and Applications
12   Integral Sensemaking for Executives: The Evolution of Spiritually-Based Integral Consciousness
       John E. Young and Jeanne M. Logsdon
13   Lessons From Oz: Balance and Wholeness in Organizations
       Jerry Biberman, Michael Whitty, and Lee Robbins
14   Integrating Spirituality into Management Education in Academia and Organizations: Origins, a Conceptual Framework, and Current Practices
       Sandra King, Jerry Biberman, Lee Robbins, and David M. Nicol
15   Linking Community and Spirit: A Commentary and Some Propositions
       Sandra A. Waddock
The Possible Future
       Tom Brown
16   A Postmodern Spiritual Future for Work
       Jerry Biberman and Michael Whitty
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