Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9780934893763 Published January 2006

Astronomy, Papyrus, and Covenant

Edited by John Gee and Brian M. Hauglid

Astronomy, Papyrus, and Covenant
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Edited by John Gee and Brian M. Hauglid

Distributed for Brigham Young University

186 pages | 9 x 12 | © 2005
Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9780934893763 Published January 2006
Astronomy, Papyrus, and Covenant is the third volume in the FARMS series and includes papers from a recent conference on the subject. Rather than focus on biblical interpretations of Abraham, each chapter instead explores a lesser-known aspect of Abrahamic studies: his startling visions of the heavens, comparisons between the Book of Abraham and other ancient texts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, and an investigation into shifting interpretations of Abraham throughout nineteenth-century America. The compilation is an excellent introduction to recent scholarship on the subject and will prove to be fascinating reading.
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1.  "And I saw the Stars":  The Book of Abraham and Ancient Geocentric Astronomy
John Gee, William J. Hamblin, and Daniel C. Peterson
2.  Astronomy and the Creation in the Book of Abraham
Michael D. Rhodes and J. Ward Moody
3.  Cedars and Stars:  Enduring Symbols of Cosmic Kingship in Abraham's Encounter with Pharaoh
E. Douglas Clark
4.  Abraham's Visions of the Heavens
Jared W. Ludlow
5.  The Creation of Humankind, an Allegory?  A Note on Abraham 5:7 14-16
Richard D. Draper
6.  "We Beg You, Our King!" Some Reflections on the Jews in Persian and Ptolemaic Egypt
Peter C. Nadig
7.  Facsimile 3 and Book of the Dead 125
John Gee
8.  The Facsimiles and Semitic Adaptation of Existing Sources
Kevin L. Barney
9.  The Book of Abraham and Muslim Tradition
Brian M. Hauglid
10.  Sarah and Hagar:  Ancient Women of the Abrahamic Covenant
Janet Hovorka
11.  The Redemption of Abraham
Jennifer Lane
12.  A Wanderer in a Strange Land:  Abraham in America, 1800-1850
Andrew H. Hedges
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