Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9781933253930 Will Publish August 2015
Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781933253916 Published June 2014

Art & Energy

How Culture Changes

Barry Lord

Art & Energy
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Barry Lord

Distributed for American Alliance of Museums Press

320 pages | 75 color plates | 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9781933253930 Will Publish August 2015
Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781933253916 Published June 2014
In Art & Energy, Barry Lord argues that human creativity is deeply linked to the resources available on earth for our survival. From our ancient mastery of fire through our exploitation of coal, oil, and gas, to the development of today’s renewable energy sources, each new source of energy fundamentally transforms our art and culture—how we interact with the world, organize our communities, communicate, and conceive of and assign value to art. By analyzing art, artists, and museums across eras and continents, Lord demonstrates how our cultural values and artistic expression are formed by our efforts to access and control the energy sources that make these cultures possible. Ultimately, Art & Energy reveals how, in Lord’s words, “energy transition is a powerful engine of cultural change.”
1. What’s Energy Got to Do with It?
2. Basics: Sexual and Kinetic Energy
3. Fire: Culture of the Hearth
4. Cooperation and Control: Collective Identity
5. Animal Power: Domestication and Domesticity
6. The Energy of Slaves and the Culture of Domination
7. Waterpower: Irrigation and Urbanism
8. Wind in Our Sails: Investment and Individuality
9. Firewood and Charcoal: The World’s First Energy Crisis
10. Coal: The Culture of Production
11. Electrification: Transforming the World
12. Oil and Gas: The Culture of Consumption
13. Nuclear Energy and the Culture of Anxiety
14. Renewable Energy: The Culture of Stewardship
15. How Culture Changes
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