Alexanders Saga

AM 519a 4° in The Arnamagnæan Collection, Copenhagen

Edited by Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen

Edited by Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

352 pages | © 2009
Paper w/CD $138.00 ISBN: 9788763526043 Published March 2009 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
The oldest manuscript of Alexanders Saga - AM 519a 4', from c. 1280 - is considered to be one of the most important extant pieces of Icelandic writing from the medieval period. Alexanders Saga is the Norse translation of Walter de Chatillon's epic poem about Alexander the Great - Alexandreis. This book is a facsimile reproduction of the original Old Icelandic text. It also includes an introduction, a commentary, and an annotation in English. It contains a quantitative analysis of the manuscript's palaeography, orthography, and phonetic system, as well as a lemmatized index. The accompanying CD-ROM contains colour illustrations of the complete manuscript and reproduces the text in a diplomatic and normalized version, allowing the user easy access to the three text levels, as well as other functions.
Abbreviations and conventions

1. General introduction
1.1 The present edition
1.2 The Latin original
1.3 The Old Norse translation
1.4 Provenance
1.5 Paper manuscripts of Alexanders saga
1.6 Editions
1.7 Project description
2. Description of the codex
2.1 Cover
2.2 Material, numbering, measurements
2.3 Quires
2.4 Hands
2.5 Pricking and rulings
2.6 Marginals
2.7 Palaeography
2.8 Corrections
2.9 Sections
2.10 Word division
3. Orthography
3.1 Modus operandi
3.2 Vowels
3.3 Consonants
3.4 Abbreviations
3.5 Foreign words
3.6 Roman numerals
3.7 Spelling variation
4. Morphology
4.1 Nouns
4.2 Adjectives
4.3 Pronouns
4.4 Numerals
4.5 Adverbs
4.6 Verbs
4.7 Other word classes
4.8 Foreign words
Text of AM 519a 4°

Lemmatized index
Guide to the use of the CD-ROM
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