Aspects of Hellenism in Italy

Towards a Cultural Unity?

Edited by Pia Guldager, Inge Nielsen, and Marjatta Nielsen

Aspects of Hellenism in Italy
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Edited by Pia Guldager, Inge Nielsen, and Marjatta Nielsen

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

410 pages
Paper $48.00 ISBN: 9788772892085 Published October 1993 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
A collection of articles from a seminar on Hellenism in Italy, held in Copenhagen in 1993. They cover a wide spectrum of topics and reflect an interdisciplinary collaboration.Pia Guldager Bilde, Inge Nielsen & Marjatta Nielsen: IntroductionJesper Carlsen: Le città della Magna Grecia e loro sviluppo in età ellenisticaLars Karlsson: Did the Romans Allow the Sicilian Greeks to Fortify Their Cities in the Third Century BC?Tobias Fischer-Hansen: Apulia and Etruria in the Early Hellenistic period. A SurveyKarina Mitens: Theatre Architecture in Central Italy: Reception and ResistanceIngrid Strøm: Pontecagnano- Picentia: A Hellenistic Town in the Former Etruscan CampaniaLise Bek: From Eye-Sight to View-Planning: The Notion of Greek Philosophy and Hellenistic Optics as a Trend in Roman Aesthetics and Building PracticePia Guldager Bilde: The International Style: Aspects of Pompeian First Style and Its Eastern EquivalentsFlemming Gorm Andersen: Roman Figural Painting in the Hellenistic AgeSimon Laursen: Greek Intelectuals in Rome- Some ExamplesBenedicte Mygind: The Hellenization of the Latin VocabularyMette Moltesen: Lapis albanus: A Group of Hellenistic Sculptures in PeperinoJacob Isager: The Hellenization of Rome. Luxuria or liberalitas?Christian Høgel: The Poetic I in Hellenistic and Augustan PoetryHelle Salskov Roberts: The Creation of a Religious Iconography in Etruria in the Hellenistic PeriodMarjatta Nielsen: Cultural Orientations in Etruria in the Hellenistic Period: Greek Myths and Local Motifs on Volterran Urn ReliefsJohn Lund: Rhodian Amphorae as Evidence for the Relations between Late Punic Carthage and Rhodes
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