The War of 1812

Harry L. Coles

The War of 1812
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Harry L. Coles

307 pages | illustrations | 5-1/2 x 8 | © 1965
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226113500 Published August 1966
E-book $22.50 ISBN: 9780226220291 Will Publish January 1900
This compact history of the war attempts to separate myth from reality. Professor Coles narrates the main operations on both land and sea of the three-year struggle. He examines the conflict from the British (and Canadian) as well as the American point of view, relating events in America to the larger war going on in Europe.

"A balanced analysis of tactics and strategy, this book also summarizes succinctly and clearly recent scholarship on causes and describes briefly the war's military, economic, and political consequences. Coles has surveyed thoroughly the existing literature but arrives at a number of independent judgments. It is the best single-volume account of the war in all its aspects. In recounting sea battles, Coles puts aside the patriotic blinders that have for so long prevented a sensible understanding of American capabilities and strategic necessities; thus American naval victories are put in a proper perspective. And in dealing with land engagements, he has shunned the mocking and amused attitude which has so often passed for historical judgment. Undergraduates will be stimulated by the hints of modern parallels and will find useful the excellent annotated bibliography and simple maps."—Choice
I. Prologue to War
II. Brock and the Defense of Canada
III. The War at Sea
IV. American Redemption of the Northwest
V. 1814: The British Offensive in the North and in the East
VI. Jackson and the War in the South
VII. Peace Without Victory
VIII. Epilogue
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