To Dwell among Friends

Personal Networks in Town and City

Claude S. Fischer

To Dwell among Friends
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Claude S. Fischer

459 pages | © 1982
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780226251387 Published April 1982
1. Personal Community
I - The Setting
2. The Communities, the Residents, and Why They Were There
3. Personal Networks: An Overview
II - First Issues
4. Urbanism and Psychological Strain
5. Urbanism and Social Involvement
6. Urbanism and Traditional Values
III - The Social Contexts of Personal Relations
7. Kin
8. Nonkin
9. Varieties of Nonkin: Neighbors and Co-workers
10. Varieties of Nonkin: Organization Members and Just Friends
IV - Dimensions of Personal Networks
11. Personal Networks as Social Support
12. The Structure of Relations and Networks
13. The Spatial Dimension of Personal Relations
14. Homogeneity in Personal Relations: Stage in the Life Cycle
V - Subcultures
15. Urbanism and the Development of Subcultures
16. Involvement in Subcultures: Ethnicity and Religion
17. Involvement in Subcultures: Occupation and Pastime
18. Subcultures: Alienation in Urban Public Life
19. Conclusion
A. Methodological Appendix
B. Respondent Interview
C. Informant Questionnaire

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