Trade and Employment in Developing Countries, Volume 2

Factor Supply and Substitution

Edited by Anne O. Krueger

Trade and Employment in Developing Countries, Volume 2
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Edited by Anne O. Krueger

282 pages | © 1982
Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226454931 Published February 1982
E-book $7.00 to $45.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226455044 Published April 2008
Factor Supply and Substitution, the second in a three-volume study entitled Trade and Employment in Developing Countries, extends the analysis of trade regimes and employment both in depth for single countries and through cross-country analyses. It provides important new evidence of the effects of different trade policies and of the effects of the various factors that make up these policies—exchange rates, wages, social insurance and other taxes, credit, prices, and so on. All six studies reflect a carefully coordinated research strategy that has been carried out by a first-rate team. The researchers combine technical expertise with specialized knowledge of the individual countries.
Editor's Preface
1. Optimal Factor Allocations for Thirteen Countries
James M. Henderson
2. Effective Protection and the Distribution of Personal Income by Sector in Colombia
T. Paul Schultz
3. Brazilian Export Growth: Estimating the Export Supply Response, 1955-74
José L. Carvalho and Cláudio L. S. Haddad
4. Country and Sectoral Variations in Manufacturing Elasticities of Substitution between Capital and Labor
Jere R. Behrman
5. The Substitution of Labor, Skill, and Capital: Its Implications for Trade and Employment
Vittorio Corbo and Patricio Meller
6. Do Multinational Firms Adopt Factor Proportions to Relative Factor Prices?
Robert E. Lipsey, Irving B. Kravis, and Romualdo A. Roldan
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