Two Lucky People


Milton Friedman and Rose D. Friedman

Two Lucky People
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Milton Friedman and Rose D. Friedman

667 pages | 26 halftones | 6-1/4 x 9-3/4 | © 1998
Cloth $37.50 ISBN: 9780226264141 Published June 1998
In Two Lucky People, Rose and Milton Friedman provide a memorable and lively account of their lives, the people they knew, and the work they shared. Their involvement with world leaders and many of this century's most important public policy issues moves their memoir beyond the merely personal and makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of twentieth-century ideas.

"The Friedmans come across as the last Enlightenment thinkers in a post-modern world. . . . This is a book that restores your faith in reasoned discourse. . . . There really are people who believe in scholarly exchange as a way to discover truth."—David Brooks, New York Times Book Review

"The Friedmans are a feisty couple, who clearly delight in their lives and each other. And shining through their reticence, and their conservatism, is a decency that even liberals will recognize."—Milton and Judith Viorst, Washington Post Book World

"This engaging book recounts the life and contributions of one of America's most influential writers and economists in the second half of the twentieth century. And her husband's no slouch either. . . . An indispensable guide through the evolution of economic thought."—Stephen Moore, National Review

"A thought-provoking book and one rich in history, the personal history of the Friedmans . . . and the cultural and political history of our country."—Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times Books

"[Two Lucky People] is almost like a letter from a couple of old friends—a couple of old friends who had a long, compelling intellectual journey, came to know some of the great world leaders of this century, and had 60 years of happy, supportive marriage."—N. Gregory Mankiw, Fortune

"A rich autobiographical and historical panorama."—William P. Kucewicz, Wall Street Journal

1. How We Met
2. Early Years—Rose
3. Early Years—Milton
4. From Meeting to Marriage, 1932-38
5. Beginning Married Life
6. Victim of Campus Politics
7. Washington, 1941-43
8. War Years in New York, 1943-45
9. Minnesota
10. Settling In at Chicago
11. Our Summers, 1948-80
12. An Autumn in Paris, 1950
13. The University of Chicago
14. The Department of Economics
15. Teaching
16. Scholarly Work
17. Our First Year Abroad
18. Assignment in India
19. Center for Advanced Study, 1957-58
20. Our Wanderjahr, 1962-63
21. Participating in the Public-Policy Debate
22. The Goldwater Campaign, and New York, 1963-65
23. Adviser to Presidents Nixon and Reagan
24. Chile
25. Travels and Travails
26. The Nobel Award
27. Israel
28. Free to Choose
29. Filming in Eastern Europe
30. China
31. Life after Retirement
Appendix A Chapter 24 (Chile): Documents
Appendix B Chapter 28 (Free to Choose): Documents
Appendix C Chapter 30 (China): Documents
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