Sexual Bargaining

Power Politics in the American Marriage

John Scanzoni

Sexual Bargaining
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John Scanzoni

2d edition
196 pages | © 1972, 1982
Paper $17.00 ISBN: 9780226735658 Published April 1982
Is the institution of marriage in America breaking down? Is marriage as we have known it largely irrelevant? Are the forms of marriage changing? Are the changes in women's roles in society related to the breakdown, irrelevance, and formal alteration of marriage?

In this updated edition of his fundamental study of modern marriage, John Scanzoni challenges the widespread assumption that marriage is a dying institution. By analyzing the "reward seeking" which generates conflicts between males and females, he shows that marriage indeed has a future but that its form will continue to change as sex-role equality emerges both within and outside of marriage.
Preface to the Phoenix Edition
The Plan of the Book
The Theme of the Book
I. The Myth of Marital Disintegration
Dissolution Rates in the United States
Cross-National Comparisons in Divorce Rates
Variations in Dissolution Rates
II. Marriage in the Process of Change
Coercion of the Woman
The Emergence of Male-Female Conflict Groups
Change as an Outcome of Crisis
III. The Motivation to Marry
Divergent Socialization of Males and Females
Love and Reward-Seeking
Decisions Surrounding Marriage
IV. Marital Conflict as a Positive Force
Reciprocity and Exchange in Marriage
Conflict and Stability-Instability
Legitimate Power, Rewards, and the Resolution of Conflict
Reward-Cost Ratio and Marital Stability
V. The Future of Marriage
Alternative Approaches to Family Change
Radical Movements and the Equality of Women
Change in the Future Structure of Marriage
Prospects for Monogamous Marriage
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