Social Control and Social Change

Edited by John Paul Scott and Sarah F. Scott

Social Control and Social Change
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Edited by John Paul Scott and Sarah F. Scott

248 pages | © 1971
Cloth $38.00 ISBN: 9780226742953 Published June 1971
Social Control and Social Change is a unique and timely attempt to understand and elaborate the process of social control. An interdisciplinary study from the Center for Research on Social Behavior at Bowling Green University, this book develops some general theories of social control as it exists in human and nonhuman societies and indicates areas in which important new research can be done. The authors present not only theoretical discussions of the various aspects of control processes—biological, political, psychological, social, and social-psychological—but also include detailed research and indicate practical applications of the newer scientific perspectives of social control.
1. Science and Social Control by John Paul Scott
Need for Information
Current Approaches to the Problem of Social Control
Toward a General Theory of Social Control
2. The Biological Basis of Social Behavior by John Paul Scott
Social Behavior: Organization with Individuals
Social Relationships: Organization between Individuals
The Psychological Bases of Social Control
The Genetic Basis of Social Control
Communication and Social Control
The Developmental Basis of Social Control
General Summary
3. Social Roles and Social Control: Changing Concepts of Masculinity-Femininity by B. G. Rosenberg
Social Organization
Social Roles and Social Learning
Social Control and Social Role
Role Theory
Role Determination and Sex
Societal Evolution and Sex Role
Human Sex Role Development
4. Play, Games, and Controls by Brian Sutton-Smith
Antecedent Controls
Ludic Controls
Postcedent Controls
5. Alienation and Social Control
Meanings of Alienation
Social Structure and Alienation
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