Sons of the Shaking Earth

Eric Wolf

Sons of the Shaking Earth
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Eric Wolf

312 pages | © 1959
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780226905006 Published August 1962
"Wolf drew on anthropology, archaeology, history, and geography to mold a magnificent, sweeping, and beautifully written synthesis. With style and deep personal engagement he unraveled the complexity of Mexico and Guatemala's past with its multiple ethnicities, many languages, and environmental diversity. . . . Armies of graduate students have challenged many of the details, but the book stands as a monument to a time when social scientists were able to think large thoughts and write elegant English"—Foreign Affairs, Significant Books of the Last 75 Years.
I. The Face of the Land
II. Generations of Adam
III. Confusion of Tongues
IV. Rise of the Seed-Planters
V. Villages and Holy Towns
VI. Coming of the Warriors
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