The Supreme Court and Patents and Monopolies

Edited by Philip B. Kurland

The Supreme Court and Patents and Monopolies
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Edited by Philip B. Kurland

301 pages | © 1975
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226464046 Published October 1975
The papers in this collection are drawn from the annual The Supreme Court Review, which, since its inception in 1960, has been regarded by such legal scholars as Robert F. Drinnan, S. J., as "An indispensable, universally quoted work of the highest scholarship regarding the world's most influential tribunal." Now some of the most important contributions to the Review have been brought together in paperback editions that focus on issues that are becoming increasingly relevant to the ordinary citizen's daily life.
The Parke, Davis-Colgate Doctrine: The Ban on Retail Price Maintenance
Edward H. Levi, 1960
The Tampa Electric Case and the Problem of Executive Arrangements under the Clayton Act
Derek C. Bok, 1961
United States v. Loew's Inc.: A Note on Block Booking
George J. Stigler, 1963
Potential Competition under Section 7: The Supreme Court's Crystal Ball
G. E. Hale and Rosemary D. Hale, 1964
Graham v. John Deere Co.: New Standards for Patents
Edmund W. Kitch, 1966
Fortner Enterprises v. United States Steel: "Neither a Borrower, Nor a Lender Be"
Kenneth W. Dam, 1969
The Otter Tail Power Case: Regulation by Commission or Antitrust Laws
G. E. Hale and Rosemary D. Hale, 1973
Kewanee Oil Co. v. Bicron: Notes on a Closing Circle
Paul Goldstein, 1974
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