Shadow of the Hunter

Richard K. Nelson

Shadow of the Hunter
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Richard K. Nelson

296 pages | © 1980
Paper $29.00 ISBN: 9780226571805 Published April 1983
Shadow of the Hunter is a collection of stories based upon Richard Nelson's experiences in an Eskimo village of the Tareogmiut, or "people of the sea." The stories follow a group of hunters and their families through the cycle of an arctic year. Each chapter takes the reader into a different realm of the Eskimo world—from the quiet moments of families in far-flung camps to the intensity and passion of the hunt; from the times of fear and danger to those of security, triumph, and celebration.
Moon of the Returning Sun (January)
The Moon for Bleaching Skins (March)
The Moon When Whaling Begins (April)
The Moon When Rivers Flow (May)
The Moon When Animals Give Birth (June)
The Moon When Birds Raise Their Young (July)
The Moon When Birds Molt (August)
The Moon When Birds Fly South (September)
Moon of the Setting Sun (November)
The Moon with No Sun (December)
Appendix: The Setting
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