Sensus Spiritualis

Studies in Medieval Significs and the Philology of Culture

Friedrich Ohly

Sensus Spiritualis
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Friedrich Ohly

Translated by Kenneth J. Northcott
Edited and with an Epilogue by Samuel P. Jaffe
424 pages | 32 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2004
Cloth $64.00 ISBN: 9780226620893 Published December 2005
Of the major figures in medieval studies, there are few whose influence is greater and for whom admiration is more widespread than Friedrich Ohly (1914-96). This book represents the long-awaited English-language edition of Ohly's most important writings.

Drawn from the entire career of this great medievalist, who, more clearly and in greater detail than anyone before him, articulated the singularly allegorical mentality of the Middle Ages, the essays in this collection show the tendency of medieval thinkers and writers to see nature as a diaphanous screen held against God's sacred mysteries, simultaneously illuminating and obscuring. Ohly's work on the hermeneutics of word and image, meanwhile, traces the way his thinking opened philology to new possibilities through the dual interpretation of textual and visual media.

Including penetrating essays on poetic inspiration, the nature of beauty, sacred and profane exegesis, history as typology, and art as both object and text, this volume will be of enormous value to scholars of comparative literature, the history of art, and religion during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
David A. Wells | MLR
"If this book succeeds in making the work of one of the greatest of twentieth-century German scholars better known in the English-speaking world, then the effort which has undoubtedly been expended on it will receive its justified reward."
Rossella Pescatori | Comitatus
"A valuable resource for scholars of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance."
Karl F. Morrison | Journal of Religion
"The selection of studies is discerning; the translation, a triumph of elegance. . . . The volume will do much to reenforce the study of the history of ideas at a moment when its initiators have passed from the scene."
List of Illustrations
Foreword, by Samuel P. Jaffe
Preface, by Friedrich Ohly
1. On the Spiritual Sense of the Word in the Middle Ages
2. Typology as a Form of Historical Thought
3. Problems of Medieval Significs and Hugh of Folieto's "Dove Miniature"
4. The Cathedral as Temporal Space: On the Duomo of Sienna
5. Dew and Pearl: A Lecture
6. Poetry as the Necessary Fruit of a Suffering
7. A Philologist's Remarks about Memoria
Epilogue: Philology as "Aesthetic Science" (Kunstwissenschaft) and "Human Science" (Humanwissenschaft): In Memoriam Friedrich Ohly (1914-1996), by Samuel P. Jaffe
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