The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism

An Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss

The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism
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Leo Strauss

Selected and Introduced by Thomas L. Pangle
324 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1989
Paper $22.50 ISBN: 9780226777153 Published January 1989
This concise and accessible introduction to Strauss's thought provides, for wider audience, a bridge to his more complex theoretical work. Editor Pangle has gathered five of Strauss's previously unpublished lectures and five hard-to-find published writings and has arranged them so as to demonstrate the systematic progression of the major themes that underlay Strauss's mature work.

"[These essays] display the incomparable insight and remarkable range of knowledge that set Strauss's works apart from any other twentieth-century philosopher's."—Charles R. Kesler, National Review
Editor's Introduction
Part One
The Spiritual Crisis of Modern Rationalism
1. Social Science and Humanism
2. "Relativism"
3. An Introduction to Heideggerian Existentialism
Part Two
Classical Political Rationalism
4. On Classical Political Philosophy
5. Exoteric Teaching
6. Thucydides: The Meaning of Political History
7. The Problem of Socrates: Five Lectures
Part Three
The Dialogue between Reason and Revelation
8. On the Euthyphron
9. How to Begin to Study Medieval Philosophy
10. Progress of Return?
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