Remembering the University of Chicago

Teachers, Scientists, and Scholars

Edited by Edward Shils

Remembering the University of Chicago
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Edited by Edward Shils

616 pages | 47 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 1991
Cloth $42.50 ISBN: 9780226753355 Published December 1991
To celebrate the intellectual achievement of the University of Chicago on the occasion of its centennial year, Edward Shils invited a group of notable scholars and scientists to reflect upon some of their own teachers and colleagues at the University.
Foreword by Edward Shils
1. Ernest W. Burgess by Edward Shils
2. Paul R. Cannon by Donald A. Rowley
3. Rudolf Carnap by Abraham Kaplan
4. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar by Kameshwar C. Wali
5. Lowell T. Coggeshall by Leon O. Jacobson
6. Arthur Holly Compton by John A. Simpson
7. R. S. Crane by Elder Olson
8. Fred Eggan by Triloki N. Pandey
9. Enrico Fermi by V. L. Telegdi
10. James Franck by Edward Teller
11. Milton Friedman by Gary S. Becker
12. E. M. K. Geiling by Philip C. Hoffmann and Alfred Heller
13. Charles Judson Herrick by Louise H. Marshall
14. Charles Brenton Huggins by Paul Talalay
15. Robert Maynard Hutchins by Edward Shils
16. Harry G. Johnson by Edward Shils
17. Arcadius Kaham by Richard Hellie
18. Harry Kalven by Vincent Blasi
19. Heinrich Klüver by Sidney Schulman
20. Frank H. Knight by James M. Buchanan
21. Tjalling C. Koopmans by Martin J. Beckmann
22. Benno Landsberger by Hans G. Güterbock
23. Harold D. Lasswell by Leo Rosten
24. Edward Levi by Robert H. Bork
25. Richard McKeon by Elder Olson
26. Franklin Chambers McLean by Richard L. Landau and Paul Hodges
27. Maria Goeppert Mayer by Robert G. Sachs
28. Charles Edward Merriam by Gabriel A. Almond
29. Arnaldo Momigliano by James Whitman
30. Robert Sanderson Mulliken by R. Stephen Berry
31. A. Leo Oppenheim by Erica Reiner
32. Robert E. Park by Edward Shils
33. Dallas B. Phemister by Charles Huggins
34. A. R. Radcliffe-Brown by Fred Eggan
35. Robert Redfield by Milton Singer
36. Max Rheinstein by Gerhard Casper
37. Leonard Jimmie Savage by W. Allen Wallis
38. Joseph Jackson Schwab by Lee S. Shulman
39. George J. Stigler by Ronald Coase
40. Marshall Stone by Felix Browder
41. Leo Strauss by Edward C. Banfield
42. Otto Struve by S. Chandrasekhar
43. Harold Clayton Urey by Clyde A. Hutchinson Jr.
44. Jacob Viner by Paul A. Samuelson
45. Bernard Weinberg by Peter F. Dembowski
46. Quincy Wright by John N. Hazard
47. Sewell Wright by Hewson Swift
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