Richard McKeon

A Study

George Kimball Plochmann

Richard McKeon
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George Kimball Plochmann

276 pages | 1 halftone | © 1990
Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226671093 Published June 1990
In the contemporary atmosphere of concern with the problems of relativism, cultural pluralism, and textuality, the time is ripe for rediscovery of the thought of Richard McKeon, one of the most important but neglected American philosophers of this century. This study by George Kimball Plochmann, a former student of McKeon's, is the first book-length treatment of the ideas of this legendary teacher, scholar, and diplomat who outlined a profound and creative vision for the reorganization of all knowledge and discourse.
List of Figures
1. Reminiscences of the Years 1932-49
2. Conspectus
3. A Learned Apprentice
4. The Structural Dialectic of Philosophic Discourse
5. Metaphysical Bearings
6. Discourse, Controversy, and Resolution in Society
7. The Arts: Principles and Methods
8. Theses and Distortions
9. Concessions, Queries, Objections, Refutations
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