Red Man's Religion

Beliefs and Practices of the Indians North of Mexico

Ruth Murray Underhill

Red Man's Religion
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Ruth Murray Underhill

312 pages | 34 illustrations, 4 maps | 6 x 9 | © 1965
Paper $29.00 ISBN: 9780226841670 Published September 1972
E-book $25.00 ISBN: 9780226217680 Will Publish January 1900
Among the topics considered in this classic study are world origins and supernatural powers, attitudes toward the dead, the medicine man and shaman, hunting and gathering rituals, war and planting ceremonies, and newer religions, such as the Ghost Dance and the Peyote Religion.

"The distinctive contribution of [Red Man's Religion] is the treatment of topics, the insight and the perspective of the author, and her ability to transmit these to the reader. . . . Trais and aspects of religion are not treated as abstract entitites, to be enumerated and summated, assigned a geographic distribution, and then abandoned. No page is a dry recital; each is an illumination. Insight and wisdom are framed in poetic prose. An offering of information in such a medium merits gratitude."—American Anthropologist
1. Indians and the Supernatural
2. Religion: Its Geography and History
3. Impersonal Power
4. World Origins
5. The Spirits
6. Woman Power
7. Attitude Toward the Dead: Fear and Avoidance
8. Attitude Toward the Dead: Adoption of a Substitute or "Delayed Burial"
9. Medicine Man, Shaman, and Priest
10. The Vision
11. Indian Ceremonialism
12. Hunting and Gathering Rituals
13. War Ceremonies
14. For the General Welfare: The Sun Dance
15. Planting Begins
16. Planting Ceremonies: The Southern Woodland
17. Planting Ceremonies: The Iroquois
18. Planting Ceremonies: Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi
19. Planting Ceremonies: The Prairie
20. Planting Ceremonies: The Pueblos
21. "Stranger" Into Navaho
22. The Western Southwest
23. Modern Religions
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