The Presence of Myth

Leszek Kolakowski

The Presence of Myth
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Leszek Kolakowski

Translated by Adam Czerniawski
145 pages | © 1989
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226450575 Published November 2001
E-book $23.00 ISBN: 9780226222257 Will Publish November 2010
"[An] important essay by a philosopher who more convincingly than any other I can think of demonstrates the continuing significance of his vocation in the life of our culture."—Karsten Harries, The New York Times Book Review

With The Presence of Myth, Kolakowski demonstrates that no matter how hard man strives for purely rational thought, there has always been-and always will be-a reservoir of mythical images that lend "being" and "consciousness" a specifically human meaning.

"Kolakowski undertakes a philosophy of culture which extends to all realms of human intercourse—intellectual, artistic, scientific, and emotional. . . . [His] book has real significance for today, and may well become a classic in the philosophy of culture."—Anglican Theological Review
Preface to the English Edition
1. Preliminary Distinctions
2. Myth within the Epistemological Inquiry
3. Myth in the Realm of Values
4. Myth in Logic
5. THe Mythical Sense of Love
6. Myth, Existence, Freedom
7. Myth and the Contingency of Nature
8. The Phenomenon of the World's Indifference
9. Myth in the Culture of Analgesics
10. The Permanence and Fragility of Myth
11. Conclusion
Index of Names
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