Politics, Personality, and Social Science in the Twentieth Century

Essays in Honor of Harold D. Lasswell

Edited by Arnold A. Rogow

Politics, Personality, and Social Science in the Twentieth Century
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Edited by Arnold A. Rogow

466 pages | © 1969
Cloth $60.00 ISBN: 9780226723990 Published August 1969
Harold Lasswell is one of America's most distinguished political scientists, a man whose work has had enormous impact both in the United States and abroad upon not only his own field but also those of sociology, psychology and psychiatry, economics, law, anthropology, and communications.

This collection of essays is the first full-scale effort to deal with the voluminous writings of Lasswell and explore his at once charming and baffling personality which is perhaps inseparable from the inventiveness, unconventionality, and unusual scope of his work.

The authors of these essays, many of whom are former students or collaborators, view their subject from a variety of perspectives. What emerges is a full assessment of Lasswell's many-faceted contribution to the social scholarship of his time.
Arnold A. Rogow
1. Harold Lasswell: A Memoir
Leo Rosten
2. The Maddening Methods of Harold D. Lasswell: Some Philosophical Underpinnings
Heinz Eulau
3. The Mystifying Intellectual History of Harold D. Lasswell
Bruce Lannes Smith
4. Psychoanalysis and the Study of Autonomic Behavior
Roy R. Grinker, Sr.
5. Toward a Psychiatry of Politics
Arnold A. Rogow
6. The Study of Political Processes in Psychiatric Illness and Treatment
Robert Rubenstein
7. Content Analysis and the Study of the "Symbolic Environment"
Morris Janowitz
8. Managing Communication for Modernization: A Developmental Construct
Daniel Lerner
9. Content Analysis and the Intelligence Function
Ithiel de Sola Pool
10. Scientific Heroism from a Standpoint within Social Psychology
Arthur J. Brodbeck
11. Dynamic Functionalism
Allan R. Holmberg
12. Reflections on Deference
Edward Shils
13. Some Quantitative Constraints on Value Allocation in Society and Politics
Karl W. Deutsch
14. Harold D. Lasswell and the Study of World Politics: Configurative Analysis, Garrison State, and World Commonwealth
William T. R. Fox
15. Legal Education for a Free Society: Our Collective Responsibility
Myres S. McDougal
Bibliography of Works by Harold D. Lasswell compiled by Jerry Gaston
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