Peddlers and Princes

Social Development and Economic Change in Two Indonesian Towns

Clifford Geertz

Peddlers and Princes
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Clifford Geertz

172 pages | © 1963
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226285146 Published August 1968
In a closely observed study of two Indonesian towns, Clifford Geertz analyzes the process of economic change in terms of people and behavior patterns rather than income and production. One of the rare empirical studies of the earliest stages of the transition to modern economic growth, Peddlers and Princes offers important facts and generalizations for the economist, the sociologist, and the South East Asia specialist.

"Peddlers and Princes is, like much of Geertz's other writing, eminently rewarding . . . Case study and broader theory are brought together in an illuminating marriage."—Donald Hindley, Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science

"What makes the book fascinating is the author's capacity to relate his anthropological findings to questions of central concern to the economist . . . "—H. G. Johnson, Journal of Political Economy
1. Introduction
2. Two Indonesian Towns
Modjokuto: A Javanese Market Town
Tabanan: A Balinese Court Town
3. Economic Development In Modjokuto
The Bazaar Type Economy: The Traditional Pasar
The flow of goods and services
Regulatory mechanisms
Social and cultural characteristics
The Firm Type Economy: Toko and Perusahaan
Three stores
Craftswork and manufacturing
Household industry and manufacturing
A Rising Middle Class and Its Problems
4. Economic Development In Tabanan
Rural Social Structure and Economic Organization
Types of economic grouping
The Tabanan Aristocracy and the Firm-Type Economy
Some modern enterprises
Upper Caste Revolution and the Limits of Tradition
5. Conclusion: Modjokuto, Tabanan, and Indonesia
Social Dynamics of Economics Modernization
Local Development and National Planning
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