Cloth $67.00 ISBN: 9780226155715 Published March 1995


The Philosophical Papers of Alan Donagan, Volume 2

Action, Reason, and Value

Alan Donagan

The Philosophical Papers of Alan Donagan, Volume 2

Alan Donagan

Edited by J. E. Malpas
314 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1994
Cloth $67.00 ISBN: 9780226155715 Published March 1995
A major voice in late twentieth-century philosophy, Alan Donagan is distinguished for his theories on the history of philosophy and the nature of morality. The Philosophical Papers of Alan Donagan, volumes 1 and 2, collect 28 of Donagan's most important and best-known essays on historical understanding and ethics from 1957 to 1991.

Volume 2 addresses issues in the philosophy of action and moral theory. With papers on Kant, von Wright, Sellars, and Chisholm, this volume also covers a range of questions in applied ethics—from the morality of Truman's decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to ethical questions in medicine and law.
Foreword by Donald Davidson
Editor's Introduction
1. Philosophical Progress and the Theory of Action (1981)
2. Determinism and Freedom: Sellars and the Reconciliationist Thesis (1974)
3. Von Wright on Causation, Intention, and Action (1975)
4. Chisholm's Theory of Agency (1979)
5. Real Human Persons (1990)
6. Morality, Property, and Slavery (1980)
7. Is There a Credible Form of Utilitarianism? (1968)
8. The Moral Theory Almost Nobody Knows: Kant's (1989)
9. Moral Dilemmas, Genuine and Spurious: A Comparative Anatomy (1991)
10. Informed Consent in Therapy and Experimentation (1977)
11. The Relation of Moral Theory to Moral Judgments: A Kantian Review (1988)
12. Justifying Legal Practice in the Adversary System (1984)
13. The Right Not to Incriminate Oneself (1984)
14. Philosophical Ethics: What It Is and What It Should Be (1989)
Published Works of Alan Donagan
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