Cloth $39.95 ISBN: 9780226014470 Published December 2005 For sale in North America only

The Persian Empire

Lindsay Allen

The Persian Empire
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Lindsay Allen

224 pages | 75 color plates, 75 halftones | 9_3/4 x 7_1/2 | © 2004
Cloth $39.95 ISBN: 9780226014470 Published December 2005 For sale in North America only
Beginning in the sixth century BCE, Persian kings ruled a vast, culturally diverse empire that stretched from northern Libya to central Asia. The regime and its rich multicultural traditions prospered for 250 years until its invasion, and eventual defeat, by Alexander the Great's army in 331 BCE. Yet until the British Museum's exhibition in the summer of 2005, the Persian perspective of this landmark event in world history will have been largely neglected. In one of the few accounts available, The Persian Empire provides a comprehensive and accessible portrayal of one of the world's first land-based dynastic kingdom.

In her cultural and political history of the development of this power, Lindsay Allen-whose posts in the Ancient Near East departments of the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art make her one of the leading authorities on Persia-surveys written sources, art objects, warfare, politics, archaeological sites, and daily life during Persian rule. She traces the evolution of the monarchy, showing how it fostered unprecedented international communication and cultural exchange, and describes how the Persian expedition into Greece in the early fifth century BCE became a defining moment that established a European identity apart from an Asian one. Throughout, lavish illustrations bring to life the traditions of this ancient Middle Eastern civilization and finally place Alexander's invasion within a Persian context. As the subject experiences renewed interest, The Persian Empire promises to be the definitive work on one of the most powerful dynasties in ancient history.
Steven W. Hirsch | Classical Bulletin
"A valuable resource, with up-to-date information and often cogent analysis."
Middle East Journal
"[Allen] traces the rise of the monarchy, its interactions with nascent Europe, and examines Persian imperial legacies to provide a framework for understanding the land we now know as Iran."
Tiberius Rata | Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"A must read for the scholar who is interested in the Persian Empire, the rise of Alexander the Great, and the biblical books of Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Daniel. The historical, geographic, and archaeological detail that permeates the book through the use of primary sources and archaeological data makes this work stand apart from its counterparts."
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