On Economics and Society

Selected Essays

Harry G. Johnson

On Economics and Society
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Harry G. Johnson

363 pages | © 1975
Paper $43.00 ISBN: 9780226401638 Published October 1982
These essays, which make the science of economics intelligible to a general audience, are grouped into six areas: the relevance of economics; the "Keynesian revolution"; economics and the university; economics and contemporary problems; world inflation, money, trade, growth, and investment; and economics and the environment.
Part 1. The Relevance of Economics
1. Economic Theory and Contemporary Society
2. The Economics Approach to Social Questions
3. The Political Economy of Opulence
4. The Social Policy of an Opulent Society
Part 2. The Keynesian Revolution, for Good or Ill
5. The General Theory After Twenty-five Years
6. Keynes and British Economics
7. The Keynesian Revolution and the Monetarist Counterrevolution
8. Cambridge in the 1950s
Part 3. Economics and the Universities
9. National Styles in Economic Research: The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Various European Countries
10. Scholars as Public Adversaries: The Case of Economics
11. The University and Social Welfare
12. Some Political and Ideological Influences on Contemporary Economics
Part 4. Economics and Contemporary Problems: Inflation and Inequality
13. The Problem of Inflation
14. Some Microeconomic Observations on Income and Wealth Inequalities
15. Inequality of Income Distribution and the Poverty Problem
Part 5. Economics and Contemporary Problems: World Inflation, Money, Trade, Growth, and Investment
16. World Inflation: A Monetarist View
17. Political Economy Aspects of International Monetary Reform
18. Mercantilism: Past, Present, and Future
19. The Problem of Economic Development
I. Social, Political, and Economic Problems of Development
II. Commercial Policy and Industrialization
20. Direct Foreign Investment: A Survey of the Issues
Part 6. Economics and the Environment
21. Man and His Environment
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