A Nation of Behavers

Martin E. Marty

A Nation of Behavers
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Martin E. Marty

247 pages | © 1976
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226508924 Published August 1980
"National Book Award-winning author and historian Martin E. Marty's A Nation of Behavers is a characteristically perceptive new map of American religion. . . . Marty's years of astute observation of America's religious trends and developments have yielded six informal but clearly defined clusters around which people attempt to find not only basic group identity but also some kind of power. Anyone concerned about belief and its manifestations will be immensely aided by Marty's cogent comments on recent religious happenings."—Commonweal

"This is a book for everyone, more than for the scholar of American religion. . . . Its value is in breadth of vision and new interpretation."—Dean R. Hoge, Theology Today

"As a means of making sense out of the potpourri of competing groups that compose religious America today, A Nation of Behavers is a first-rate tool."—Edward A. Fiske, New York Times
1. Mapping Group Identity and Social Location
2. History and Religious Social Behavior
3. Mainline Religion
4. Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism
5. Pentecostal-Charismatic Religion
6. The New Religions
7. Ethnic Religion
8. Civil Religion
9. Epilogue: Mapping the American Future
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