Cloth $56.00 ISBN: 9780226540238 Published July 1985


Novel and Film

Essays in Two Genres

Bruce Morrissette

Novel and Film

Bruce Morrissette

189 pages | © 1986
Cloth $56.00 ISBN: 9780226540238 Published July 1985
"Since the late 1950s," writes James R. Lawler in his Foreword to this volume, "Morrissette has stood as one of the most incisive explicators of the nouveau roman, of its past and present affiliations, of its interaction with the cinema."

The influential essays collected in Novel and Film display a wide range of critical and analytic approaches to the narrative aspects of the two genres. For all the variety of their subjects, from constructional forms such as interior duplication and game play to intertextual parallels with mathematics and topology, these essays together define a unified critical perspective, one that has brought fresh precision to the analysis of narrative techniques and that continues to raise questions of prime importance to contemporary fiction. Included is a complete bibliography of Morrissette's scholarly works.
1. Postmodern Generative Fiction
2. Aesthetic Response to Novel and Film
3. The Cinema Novel
4. The Case of Robbe-Grillet
5. International Aspects of the Nouveau Roman
6. Topology and the Nouveau Roman
7. Modes of "Point of View"
8. The Alienated "I"
9. Narrative "You"
10. Interior Duplication
11. Games and Game Structures in Robbe-Grillet
12. The Evolution of Viewpoint in Robbe-Grillet
Bruce Morrissette: A Bibliography
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