Music, the Arts, and Ideas

Patterns and Predictions in Twentieth-Century Culture

Leonard B. Meyer

Music, the Arts, and Ideas
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Leonard B. Meyer

349 pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | © 1967, 1994
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780226521435 Published September 1994
E-book $7.00 to $30.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226521442 Published April 2010
Meyer makes a valuable statement on aesthetics, criteria for assessing great works of music, compositional practices and theories of the present day, and predictions of the future of Western culture. His postlude, written for the book's twenty-fifth anniversary, looks back at his thoughts on the direction of music in 1967.

The University of Chicago Press: Gordon J. Laing Award

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1: Meaning in Music and Information Theory
2: Some Remarks on Value and Greatness in Music
3: On Rehearing Music
4: Forgery and the Anthropology of Art
5: The End of the Renaissance?
6: History, Stasis, and Change
7: Varieties of Style Change
8: The Probability of Stasis
9: The Aesthetics of Stability
10: The Arguments for Experimental Music
11: The Perception and Cognition of Complex Music
12: Functionalism and Structure
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