Military Institutions and Coercion in the Developing Nations

The Military in the Political Development of New Nations

Morris Janowitz

Morris Janowitz

226 pages | © 1964, 1977
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226393193 Published February 1988
This book includes Janowitz's seminal work, The Military in the Political Development of New Nations, with additional new analysis of Latin American nations and of the increasing significance of paramilitary and police forces in authoritarian regimes in developing nations.
Preface, 1977
Preface to the First Edition
I. Paramilitary Forces in the Developing Nations
Coercion and Regime Stability
Perspectives on Civil-Military Relations
Military Elites and Politics
Trends in Military and Paramilitary Forces
Consequences for Regime Consolidation
Regional Patterns
II. The Military in the Political Development of New Nations
1. The Strategy of Comparative Analysis
Civil-Military Relations: Old Nations and New Historical and Economic Dimensions
Social Structure and Military Organization
2. The Internal Organization of the Military
Organizational Format
Skill Structure and Career Lines
Social Recruitment and Education
Professional and Political Ideology
Cohesion and Cleavage
3. Army and Society
Social and Economic Functions
The Mechanics and Political Intervention
The Preconditions for Political Balance
Sociological Notes on the Analysis of Military Elites

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